The facsimile

»Mirror of Navigation«

Seamanual, Sailing Instruction, Map Collection and Work of Art
The complete facsimile edition of the "Mirror of Navigation" - two volumes bound in leather - is a reprint from the first German edition printed in Amsterdam by Cornelius Claesz in 1589.

Book format 42 x 29,5 cm, 240 pages with 47 double paged fully-coloured illustrations and written explanations of sailing instructions. Seamen, sailors, owners of motoring boats and yachts, art historians, geographers, collectors of maps, scientific researchers of coastlines, coast-dwellers and all the landlubbers will be enthusiastic and will lose theirselves in the past of the seafarer.

  • 1:1 reproduction
  • acid-free and ageing-resistant paper
  • collected by hand
  • the single sheets are glued to linen binding and are bound by hand
  • natural buffallo leather
  • Hand-made stamping of both book covers (stamping similar to the original)
  • the book is durable for centuries and therefore an investement of value

The original book is in the possession of the Museum of Navigation ("Oldenburg's Weser-harbours") in Brake.


The first volume of the Mirror of Navigation
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Facsimile edition (23 KB)

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